Press Releases

501 [C] 3 U.S. Federal Tax Exempt Status Awarded to ARN Ltd.Thursday, October 20, 2016Fed Tax Status Opens New Prospects for Amerasian Human Research PR# 2016-09
2nd Generation Amerasians Impacted by Past Military Prostitution BlowbackMonday, October 17, 2016WASET Open Access Journal Selects ICHSS-2015 Dubai Paper for Publication PR# 2016-08
Philippine Scholars from DHVTSU Eligible for Lower Rates @ AAGS 2017 ConferenceFriday, October 14, 2016Asia Association of Global Studies Promotes RP Researchers PR# 2016-07
Amerasian Researcher Named to HEF Advisory Committee in Taipei, TaiwanThursday, October 13, 2016Higher Education Forum’s Core Committee Board Assignment PR# 2016-06
Four DHVTSU-Amerasian Research Group Articles Sent to Scopus-Elsevier JournalsWednesday, October 12, 2016Holy Grail Recognition Sought in CHED Approved Journals PR# 2016-05
Analysis of Marine Joseph S. Pemperton Homicide Case Set By Amerasian ResearcherTuesday, October 11, 2016Keynote Speech & Paper to be Presented @ Cebu Philippines 4-6 January PR# 2016-04
International Global Studies Conference Set for DHVTSU University Monday, October 10, 2016Education in a Globalizing Asia Theme of 11th AAGS Meeting PR# 2016-03
Charitable Tax-Exempt Status Sought by U.S.-Based Amerasian Research NPOTuesday, September 27, 2016Amerasian Research Network Files 501 (C) 3 IRS Categorization PR# 2016-02
Philippine Sex Trade Bares Uncanny Likeness to Japanese IJF Pacific War RegimeTuesday, January 12, 2016Penurious & Impoverished Filipinas Ensnared in Expanding Menace PR# 2016-01
PARC-CSSP-DHVTSU 2nd GenerationAmerasian Research @ Dubai, UAE ConclaveWednesday, October 7, 201517th ICHSS-2015 Conference to Hear Paper Oct. 17-19, 2015 PR# 2015-07
Top Fil-Amerasian Authority to Keynote APCSSM-2016 Conference in Metro CebuWednesday, September 30, 2015Higher Education Form of Taipei, Taiwan, ROC Sponsors Event PR# 2015-06
Fil-Amerasian Stigmatization &Intolerance Described in USA Journal ArticleWednesday, August 5, 2015Gonzaga Univ.Journal of Hate Studies Publishes 2013 Conference Paper PR# 2015-05
PARC to Affiliate with CSSP-Don Honorio Ventura Technological State UniversityThursday, July 16, 2015DHVTSU’s College of Social Sciences & Philosophy is New Host PR# 2015-04
Productive 4-Year Academic Pact @ PARC-ARN Ltd. & SPCF College EndsWednesday, July 15, 2015Fil-Amerasian Research Movement Took Off @ Angeles College PR# 2015-03
Case Made for U.S. International Social Work to Embrace Fil-Am ResearchTuesday, June 9, 2015ICBTS Institute Conference @Harvard Medical School Hears Call PR# 2015-02
Interdisciplinary Global Studies Journal to Publish 2nd Generation Amerasian ResearchFriday, March 13, 2015ICISS-UBC Vancouver Canada Conference Research Paper Accepted for Journal Slot PR# 2015-01
PARC, Inc. Receives NPO Certification from Philippine BIR Angeles OfficeTuesday, December 30, 2014Amerasian Study Unit Cleared to Apply for Research, Tuition Scholarship Grants PR# 2014-12
Military Filipino Amerasian Course Enters 4th Year in Systems Plus College CirriculumThursday, December 11, 2014World’s Only Known College Syllabus on Amerasians @ SPCF College PR# 2014-11
Researchers, Academicians, NGO/NPOs Key to Solutions on Amerasian, Japino, Kopino & Chipino Issues Attendees Told at Taipei, Taiwan, ROC Business & Social Science ConclaveMonday, December 1, 2014APCBSS-2014 Conference’s Fiery Amerasian “Keynote” Speech PR# 2014-10
Philippines Seriously Exploited by Other Developed Countries on Amerasian, Japino, Kopino & Chipino/Sinopino IssuesPARC Director Keynotes at APCBSS-2014 Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, ROCWednesday, November 19, 2014APCBSS-2014 Comparative Focus on Filipino Amerasians Set PR# 2014-09
Dr. ‘Pete’ Kutschera to Keynote 2nd APCBSS Conclave in Taipei, Taiwan, ROCWednesday, October 1, 2014Business & Social Scientists to Hear Leading Amerasian Researcher Nov. 21-23 PR# 2014-08
Asia Association for Global Studies Names Dr. Kutschera Philippine Chapter RepThursday, September 18, 2014Japan-Based AAGS Publishes Pan Amerasian Diaspara Article in 2014 Edition PR# 2014-07
2nd Generation Amerasian ICISS-2014 Research Selected for Journal ArticleMonday, September 8, 2014Common Ground Publishing Co., Urbana, IL Accepts Vancouver Entry PR# 2014-06
2nd Generation Amerasian Study Shows Significant “At Risk” Living ConditionsWednesday, June 25, 2014PARC-SPCF Paper Presented at ICISS Conference – UBC-Vancouver PR# 2014-05
Mixed Implications Seen for Military Amerasians in Okay of new RP-US EDCA PactFriday, May 16, 2014Largest U.S. Troop Influx since 1992 Bases Closure Set for Philippines PR# 2014-04
Philippines SEC Okays Not-for-Profit Corporation Registration for PARC Study UnitWednesday, March 19, 2014Action Opens Way to Apply for Study Grants to Promote Amerasian Research PR# 2014-03
2nd Generation Filipino Amerasian Pilot Study to be Aired at Vancouver, Canada’s 9th Annual International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ICISS-2014) June 11-13, 2014Thursday, February 20, 2014PARC-LTD, Ltd. to Perform First Research on 2nd Generation Military Abandonees PR# 2014-02
Military Amerasian Human Travesty in Danger of Being Sidelined to “Dustbin of History” PARC-SPCF College Researcher Warns 2014 APSSC Conference in Seoul, South KoreaFriday, January 31, 2014Military Amerasian Human Travesty in Danger of Being Sidelined to “Dustbin of History” PR# 2014-01
Asia Journal of Global Studies and U.S. – China Education Review Journal to Publish Academic Articles on PARC & ARN, Ltd. Generated Filipino and Pan Amerasian Academic Conference Research Findings in Early, 2014Thursday, December 26, 2013Asia Journal of Global Studies & US-China Education Review Plan Amerasian Articles PR# 2013-12
Major Stereotype of Filipino Amerasian Mothers as Sex Laborers vs. Truth and Realities Research Paper Redirected to Asia Pacific Social Sciences (APSSC-2014) Conference in Seoul, Korea 8-10 January 2014Thursday, December 26, 2013APSSC 2014 Seoul, Korea Venue for Amerasian Prostitution Stereotype Paper PR# 2013-11
Somatic Illness Evidence Found in 3-year Study of AmerAsians by PARC Researcher Reported in National University of Singapore’s Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work & DevelopmentThursday, October 17, 2013Singapore’s APJSW&D Journal Publishes PARC Researcher’s AmerAsian Finding PR# 2013-10
MilitaryAmerAsian Socioeconomic & Mental Health Challenges Resemble Aggravated Refugee and Immigrant Problems SPCF Professor Tells Singapore’s ICEASS 2013 Education ConferenceTuesday, September 24, 2013SPCF College Social Work Practice with Amerasians Crs Debuts in Singapore PR# 2013-09
PARC-SPCF’s ‘Amerasian Paradox’ & AICEI 2013 Conference Paper Selected for Publication in Inaugural Issue of International Journal of Multidisciplinary Social Sciences in AustraliaTuesday, August 27, 2013AU Journal Pegs PARC Paper for Sept, 2013 Issue PR# 2013-08
The Myth of All Filipino Amerasian Mothers as Prostituted Women vs. Realities and Facts Research Paper to be Presented at 20th New Zealand Asian Studies Society NZASIA 2013 Conference in Auckland 22-24 NovemberMonday,August 19,2013NZASIA 2013 Conference Auckland PR# 2013-07
ICEASS-2013 Singapore Conference to Hear Research Paper on Systems Plus College Foundation’s Historic “Social Work Practice with Amerasians” CourseMonday, August 5, 2013ICEASS 2013 Conference Singapore PR# 2013-06
Help for Marginalized Filipino Amerasians May Lie with Outside Human Rights, Humanitarian Groups Researcher Tells West Coast ‘Pursuit of Justice’ ConclaveMonday, May 6, 2013Pursuit of Justice Conf. Gonzaga U. USA PR# 2013-05
Stigma, Discrimination, Bias & Socioeconomic Risk Less for Lighter Skinned Military Filipina Amerasians “Amerasian Paradox” Hypothesis Paper ClaimsMonday, April 1, 2013AIECI OnLine Conf. Sydney, AU PR# 2013-04
Diaspora Classification Recommended for Military Pan Amerasians in Paper Presented at 8th International Conference of AAGS in Bangkok, ThailandMonday, March 25, 2013AAGS Conference Thailand PR# 2013-03
Systems Plus College Foundation’s PARC Amerasian Research Center Schedules Scholarly Papers at 3 International Conferences on 3 Continents Spring, 2013Monday, February 11, 2013Spring,2013 Conferences PR# 2013-02
Southeast Asia’s First Social Work Practice With Military Amerasians Course Achieves CHED Recognition Status at SPCF College, Luzon, PhilippinesThursday, January 3, 2013SW Practice Amerasians PR# 2013-01
200,000-250,000 or More Military Filipino Amerasians Alive Today in Republic of the Philippines according to USA-RP Joint Research Paper FindingMonday, November 5, 2012250,000+ RP Amerasian? PR# 2012-09
Military Filipino Amerasian Population Continues to Expand in Philippines Social Science Researcher tells CHHSS 2012 Conference in Phnom Penh, CambodiaTuesday, October 2, 201250K Amerasian Conundrum PR# 2012-08