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The Amerasian Research Network, Ltd. (ARN, Ltd.) is an independent, volunteer humanitarian and charitable group based in New York State, USA dedicated to academic research, scholarly inquiry, and the widest dissemination of evidence-based empirical and fact-based information on military Filipino Amerasian, Pan Amerasian and Pacific Island Amerasian populations in the Western Pacific Basin. The Amerasian Foundation defines an Amerasian, “as any person who was fathered by a citizen of the United States (a US American servicemen, expatriate, or US government employee, traditional or [private sector] military contractor), and whose mother is or was an Asian national.” Specifically, the ARN, Ltd. focuses on the human welfare of those Amerasians who remain in their country of birth and were abandoned, stranded, orphaned or left unsupported by US fathers. Originally formed in 2011 as the National Amerasian Research Institute [Provisional] as an unincorporated entity, the Amerasian Research Network is a not-for-profit agency authorized under Section 402 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law (NPCL) and registered with the Office of the NY Department of State , Albany, New York. (May 15, 2012 — date of NYSNPCL Certification.)


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Photo of African, Anglo and
Latino AmerAsians by New America News Report website
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Amerasians Headline Taiwan, ROC Research ConferenceDetails


PARC (Philippine Amerasian Research Center)

Dr. P.C.”Pete” Kutschera

SPRU (Social and Psychological Research Unit)

Prof. Jose Maria G. Pelayo III

International Conference/Symposia Papers

  • 2014 – 2nd APSSC – Seoul, Korea; 9th ICISS – buycbdproducts Canada; 2nd APCBSS – Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2013 – 8th AAGS – Bangkok, Thailand; AIECI – Sydney, AU; POJC – Spokane, USA; ICEASS – Singapore
  • 2012 – UP Diliman, Manila; ICHHSS – Cambodia; 9th ICOPHIL- USA (Michigan State University)

International Journal Articles

  • 2014 US-China Education Rev., USA; AJGS Journal, Tokyo; Hate Studies Journ, Gonzaga Univ, USA.
  • 2013 AU Journal of Multidisciplinary Soc. Sci.; Asia Pacific Journal Social Work & Dev., Singapore
  • 2012 HHS Conference Journal, IRCSIT, Hong Kong (Proceedings ICHHSS Phnom, Penh)

Dr. Pete Kutschera, Director of the Philippine Amerasian Research Center/
SPCF College Provides Founder of a 2013-2014 update.

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